Do you dream in watercolor?

Elements of Lemmings, The Incredible Machine, Braid, and Little Nemo blended with child-like imagination make Jacob’s Ladder a unique mobile puzzle platformer experience.

I’m often told Jacob’s Ladder feels different and special. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of moving pieces of the world instead of Jacob? Or perhaps it’s the clever and subtly-changing levels? Or maybe it’s the relaxing atmosphere of hand-painted watercolors with a beautiful orchestral score?

For you, it might be all of those or something else entirely. So grab a free demo on iOS, Android, or Kindle and find out for yourself. And if you buy the full version, I’ll return the favor by not interrupting your game you with nagging in-app-purchases.

Full Game ($0.99):
Full game on Apple App Store Full game on Google Play Full game on Amazon Kindle

Free Demo:
Free demo on Apple App Store Free demo on Google Play Free demo on Amazon Kindle




*Novel gameplay that lets you move pieces of the world.

*Beautiful hand-painted water color backgrounds.

*Original orchestral music score.

*No gimmicky in-app purchases! Buy the game and it’s yours- all of it!

*Procedural /hand-made hybrid level generation ensures new experiences every game while still having a designer’s attention to detail.

*15 areas each with a new mechanic / gizmo.

*376 “room templates” to explore. (Play for hours without seeing the same content. And even if you think you’ve “already seen” a room, be careful because it’s probably a bit different this time!)

*There’s a lot of content here. It still takes me (the developer) several hours to complete. And it’s not just level spam- I made sure the game was full of unique challenges. I had a rule during development: If I couldn’t make a sentence like “The room where X happens,” it wasn’t unique enough. You will not finish this game quickly, and with the amount of variety- you won’t want to!

Built with Corona SDK